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Destinations to Visit in South Africa | Away Holidays

South Africa is known as a land of epic landscapes and incredible wildlife, the country has the best of both inland scenery and beautiful coastland vistas. As well as being a showcase for all the beauty of nature, South Africa can also boast a rich history and vibrant culture. Throughout its history South Africa has been a land of ancient, noble cultures rubbing shoulders with the myriad of colonists who came to build new towns. Today South Africa is a fascinating melting pot of the old and the new and more welcoming than ever.

Three of the most popular holiday destinations in South Africa include;

-       Johannesburg

Known as the ‘City of Gold’, Johannesburg is a beautiful modern city situated right in the centre of the country. Visitors can enjoy the city’s exquisite cultural hubs or easily venture outside of town to explore the sights of the South African veld, home to lions, giraffes, rhinoceros and so many more natural marvels to thrill and inspire.

Away Holidays-       Cape Town

Cape Town is known as South Africa’s mother city and showcases some of the best things the nation has to offer. There is the endless Atlantic Ocean coast stretched on one side and the incredible natural world of the arid veld on the other, but in between Cape Town is a vibrant and metropolitan city. The crowning jewel is however the world famous Table Mountain that rises over and dominates the whole region.

-       Durban

Sat on the Indian Ocean, Durban is South Africa’s lesser known tropical gem. Visitors can enjoy the city’s beautiful climate, nightlife and relax along the miles upon miles of golden beaches and crystal Indian Ocean waters.  Durban is also famous for its water activities; visitors can take to the waters for high octane sports, fascinating ocean wildlife tours or just stick to the idyllic beaches for blissful relaxation.

Travellers interested in visiting any of these exotic South African cities can find more booking details and travel deals on the Away Holidays website. Away Holidays is a popular and highly trusted holiday operator that arranges affordable luxury holidays for thousands of customers, every year. The Away Holidays website is packed with information and is easy to navigate, making browsing for your dream holiday stress-free and enjoyable.

Explore the vastness of the USA with a tailor-made holiday | Away Holidays

The United States of America is a great place to visit. Some of its States are many times bigger than most European countries. The USA is home to breathtaking scenery, welcoming people and iconic cities which have been depicted in movies and television shows. Many people dream of visiting the USA but are put off by how much money they believe it would cost. The reality is that a holiday to the USA doesn’t have to cost a lot of money when it is tailor-made.

Away Holidays travel company that specialises in tailor-made holidays enables their customers to visit the USA and have the time of their life. Away Holidays recommends choosing a travel company that has many holidays for a considerable number of destinations at low prices. A couple could spend time in Las Vegas’s casinos before catching a flight along the west coast to San Francisco. By travelling south, splendid weather is guaranteed in such places as Miami and Los Angeles.

After a flight has landed, the USA is best explored by car. With a sizeable highway network, there are many roads in the USA which are completely straight. Other roads are more iconic than others, such as Route 66. Away Holidays suggests opting for a travel company that enables their customers to explore this legendary highway where accommodation is provided along the way – these are otherwise known as Fly Drive holidays. Providing rental cars in the various cities which Route 66 passes through, a Fly Drive holiday is one of the most affordable around.

The perfect way to end a holiday in the USA is to visit one of its States which is actually overseas – Hawaii. Made famous by the easy going music of Jack Johnson and Elvis Presley’s performance there in 1973, there are many wonderful places in Hawaii which a couple or family can visit to finish their holiday in style. How does Honolulu sound? Away Holidays recommends adding Waikiki Beach to any itinerary. By choosing a travel company that has scores of hotels in Hawaii that also comes with plenty of photos, a lot of information is known about a hotel before a booking there is confirmed. As a travel company that offers a tailor-made service normally has deals, a holiday in Hawaii needn’t cost more than it should.

Travelling around the USA doesn’t have to be expensive when a tailor-made holiday is selected.

Things to Remember when Travelling to Asia | Away Holidays

Throughout the 21st century the globe seems to have shrunk. We can reach distant and exotic lands more easily than ever; locations our ancestors didn’t even believe existed are now only a matter of a few hours travel away.

Even though visiting countries around Asia may seem closer to us now than they ever have, arranging a visit can still take a lot of organisation. There are many things that travellers need to remember, ranging from the most basic travel and sleeping arrangements, to organising the right inoculations and even taking into account varying laws between different nations.

-       Flights and Lodging

Arranging flights and lodgings is the first port of call to any prospective traveller. The first thing a potential traveller will notice is how many travel companies there actually are. The holiday market is littered with companies competing for your business and so it’s important to find the right one to suit your needs Away Holidays is a useful company, particularly when visiting countries throughout Asia. Away Holidays are highly experienced, serve thousands of customers every year and have unsurpassed experience in the Asian holiday market. From the Middle East and all the way across to the Far East, Away Holidays staff possess uniquely detailed knowledge about global destinations.

-       Currency

Holiday makers don’t need to just have their cash exchanged into that of the local currency, they will also need to acquire a detailed knowledge of the currency’s value and arrange their own security abroad. It’s advisable for travellers to take the time to understand exchange values to avoid spending more than they intended abroad without realising. It’s also essential to keep money safe, this involves buying money pouches that are secured to your own body, traveller’s cheques and bank arrangements that allow you to withdraw money abroad.

 Away Holidays

-       Inoculations and Local Traditions

Exotic countries also come complete with their own array of exotic creatures and diseases. Before travelling people are advised to consult with their doctors about how best to stay safe. Travellers also need to be aware of potential dangers in local water or local foods that may not suit westerners. It’s also worth checking out the local laws, for example many Arabic nations have strict laws regarding drinking and physical exposure that travellers will need to bear in mind.

Away Holidays | Ultimate Holiday Experience

Away Holidays is your one-stop travel agency for booking flights, accommodation and holiday packages. The team of skilled staff are always ready to accept your call and quote you the best and lowest rates available.

Whether it’s an individual business trip, a couple’s retreat or a family holiday, Away Holidays guarantee you peace of mind with their flight special offers on First Class and Business Class flights.

Book your business class airfares to global destinations with the Airline of your choice, or choose to experience luxury with First Class airfares to all destinations. For the best unbeatable airfares for both First-and Business Class to popular destinations including Dubai, the Far East, New Zealand and Africa, call Away Holidays experts today.

Away Holidays

If you are in need of a flexible Business or First Class flight, multi-stop or Round the World flight, Away Holidays experienced staff can provide you with the correct information and plan a travel experience to suit you and your individual requirements. Should you require luxury travel, Away Holidays offer you the Exclusive Collection which provides you with a uniquely tailored luxury holiday with highly competitive prices.

Away Holidays provide you with holiday packages to the most popular and sought-after holiday destinations globally. Do you want to lounge on the shores of the Maldives or Mauritius? Are you longing to bathe in the sun in Miami? Are you yearning for the warm waters of Sharm El Sheikh? Do you want to walk along the emerald green beaches of Thailand? Away Holidays present their clients with the best beach holiday packages.

If you are getting married and are dreaming of fairy tale mornings, indulgent afternoons, romantic seclusion, extraordinary luxury and picture perfect surroundings, then Away Holidays can assist you with their extensive list of honeymoon packages tailored exclusively for newlyweds.

You can discover the greatest luxury resorts and hotel packages with Away Holidays and experience true relaxation through their tailored World Tours.  Visit the wonderful island nation of New Zealand with picturesque landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and sunny weather. Experience Sri Lanka in the tropical Indian Ocean, globally known for its cultural collections. Welcome yourself to the rainbow nation which is South Africa with its scenic wonders, diverse cultures and contrasting landscape.

If you think you can’t afford it, think again. It is all possible with Away Holidays, where you can experience the ultimate holiday without breaking the bank.

Away Holidays | Travel Agency

Away Holidays are now one of the biggest travel agencies in the UK. The customers of Away Holidays trust them with every detail of their holiday packages and preferences for hotels and flights. Away Holidays are also able to get you the airport transfers, car rentals, travel insurance and assist customers with the information on visas and entry requirements.

Five years ago Away Holidays opened new corporate premises near to Heathrow, London’s main airport. This great location helps the company focus on their international customer service as well as letting them optimally use their network, size and their negotiation experience to offer the best prices on hotels and flights to holiday destinations across the globe. Away Holidays help you arrange holidays, weekend breaks and tours to almost every country you can imagine visiting.

Their experienced and professionally trained team of staff are available to talk 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Their personalised service will give you the individual attention to detail to make sure every aspect of your holiday is a success. The staff at Away Holidays can assist you in organising holidays to the Middle East as well as Far East destinations as well as hotels across India. They also find great for holidays to places like the USA and Mexico, Africa and to Australia and nearby New Zealand.

Away Holidays

Plus they are experts at arranging all inclusive holidays and short-breaks to most destinations around the world, Away Holidays have experience organising luxury tours and trips to high-end hotels and resorts. Away Holidays are here to help you discover the best beaches, islands and luxury accommodation the world has to offer. Away Travel provide offers and deals to places such as Thailand, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. They can also arrange premium accommodation in countries like Dubai and America.

Away Holidays are up to date with travel agency technology and, with the training they give to their staff, are able to give service levels that go above and beyond what is offered by smaller travel agents. You’ll quickly see that Away Holidays can access the best hotels, top flight deals and the cruise and tour packages. Holidays which include air travel booked through Away Holidays have ATOL Protection under their Civil Aviation Authority ATOL number, 5553.

Away Holidays | Value for Money

Holidays are an important ingredient in our modern lifestyle and it is equally important to make sure that we select a travel agent that can give us what we want.  After all, those couple of weeks we spend on vacation are our best chance to unwind and recharge the batteries, so it is essential that the experience is the best one possible.

These days, holiday destinations are becoming more exotic and, although these new destinations are a far cry from the cheaper trips our parents and grandparents used to enjoy, travellers still want to get value for their money. This is where Away Holidays travel agency can help you.

Whether people are looking for cheap flights, a business trip or a luxury all-inclusive holiday package, Away Holidays has a team of trained expert travel advisors, based at their corporate premises just outside of Heathrow Airport, to make it all happen – which they did for more than 365,000 valued customers during the last 12 months. Away Holidays is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to help travellers book the perfect getaway.

As you would expect of a travel agent , Away Holidays is a member of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) and is licensed by ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing), which provides travellers with financial protection.

Away Holidays advertises a customer promise on their website which states, ‘We want you to find Away Holidays Planethe best holiday at the right price, and travel with confidence’ and to back the promise up Away Holidays says they will give you the lowest price on your holiday booking and the best service before, during and after your trip.  Away Holidays also promise honesty – with no hidden surprises and have a user-friendly website for secure bookings and they also operate a protective privacy policy.

To further facilitate customer satisfaction, Away Holidays are able to advise customers who wish to design their very own multi-centre dream holiday.  A team of experienced Away Holidays travel consultants are on hand 24 hours a day to speak with customers about their specific requirements for a bespoke, tailor made holiday.

Away Holidays | Exploring the beauty of the Maldives

If you’re in search of a holiday during which you can lie in hammock beneath the palm trees, swim in crystal clear waters and scuba dive in coral-filled waters, the Maldives is the perfect destination. Many families visit this spot using Away Holidays services each year, as there are plenty of child-friendly activities, along with shallow lagoons which make for safer swimming.

Whilst companies like Away Holidays aim to make their holidays as inexpensive as possible, the Maldives location – to the south west of India – means that the flights tend to be more costly than a European destination. As such, in order to make the trip worthwhile, it’s best to stay for a minimum of a week, if not two.

Away Holidays

With more than one thousand islets and twenty six atolls, there’s certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to places to stay. However, most visitors prefer to stay on one of the larger, more populated islands, like Malé, the Maldives’ capital. This is a great place for those who want an authentic Maldives experience, as the shops here are not tourist-orientated, and there are plenty of local residents bustling around the colourful streets and marketplaces. Malé also serves as the Maldives cultural hub – here you’ll find the National Museum (which is brimming over with Royal Family artefacts), as well as the Mulee-Aage Palace (this was the first residence for Sultans) and the Tomb of Medhu Ziyaaraiy.

However, there are of course, plenty of other islands where you can stay; if you’re in search of excellent restaurants and a more resort-like atmosphere, try Kuramathi Island. If you’d rather experience a Robinson Crusoe type of holiday, look for accommodation in Madiyaru Island – this is especially popular with clients of Away Holidays who enjoy scuba diving, as the waters here are filled with exotic fish and beautiful coral.

Bandos Island is considered by many to be one of the most child-friendly, and is home to some fabulous beaches, whilst Cocoa Island offers world class snorkelling and spas. One of the most peaceful and calm places in the Maldives is Nika Island, which has less than a dozen holiday apartments, each of which has its own private beach. For those who wish to explore a tropical jungle and enjoy some amazing off-shore diving, Veligandu is recommended, whilst those who wish to swim in emerald lagoons filled with colourful coral should head to Mushimas Mighili.

Given the copious availability of luxury resorts, many of which span the complete islands, there’s certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to places to stay. Most visitors prefer to stay on one of the larger, islands that are less crowded and have numerous secluded bays and coves to leisurely spend the sunny days while immersing in an authentic Maldives experience.  Malé, the capital of Maldives is a good choice for those seeking relatively affordable accommodation vis-à-vis the luxurious island resorts.