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Luxury Trips to Bali | Away Holidays

Bali luxury travelBali is once again a luxury holiday destination of choice for travellers from all over the world. If you love peace and tranquillity you may not find a better place on the planet to plan your trip. Visitors report that even traffic jams can be peaceful in Bali.

The main tourist area is a three-mile coastal strip that reaches from Kuta to Seminyak. Along that strip the streets are alive with visitors. There shops selling local crafts which are squashed up against stalls selling mobile phones and other stores with designer goods. The cafes are buzzing and the modern hotels sit side by side with hindu temples and street food vendors. And amid all that buzz – everyone seems to have a smile on their face.

A short distance from the traditional hot spots in Bali there are more and more stylish properties popping up. This is a long cry from the tourism dip the country suffered a decade or so ago, and the fact that these properties are flourishing now is a sign that Bali is back in business. Some of the most inviting hotels can be found on the south of the island. You will find beautiful buildings set on the cliff tops, with infinity pools that give the feeling of floating out into the clouds and light and airy architecture that matches the peace and quiet of Bali life.

These new luxury hotels are the kinds of places you may never want to leave. Even the westerners among the staff are said to seek out Indonesian women for their wives, so that they can spend their down time in the hammocks, staring at the stars and drinking a splash of whiskey. One chef described his life in this way, before showing off the local markets where he buys his produce. Although some of the tranquillity is going to be a little buried in a fish market – even at the market though, life is relatively unhurried.

If you have been wondering where to book your next luxury holiday then Bali should be moving quietly up that list.

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